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The Latest Photos



Photos of my postbox collection.

Taiwan: 2008

Photos of Taiwan 2008 - Taipei.

Indonesia: 2007

Photos of Indonesia 2007.

Thailand: 2007

Photos of Thailand 2007 - Bangkok and Ko Samet.

Shanghai & Nanjing: 2007

Photos of Shanghai & Nanjing 2007.

Photos from Hong Kong 2007. A new directory for every few months.

South Korea: 2006

Photos of South Korea 2006.

Thailand: 2006

Photos from Thailand 2006.

Photos from Hong Kong 2006. A new directory for every two months of 2006.

Photos from Macau 2006, HKU MBA class trip to Sands Casino for briefing on casino business & photos from Macau Tower.

Photos from Montreal and John Molson MBA international Case Competition, January 2006.

Hong Kong: 2005

Photos from Hong Kong 2005.

Beijing: 2005

Photos from Beijing 2005.

Macau: 2005

Photos from Macau trip 2005.

Greenwood Conservation Area & Lynde Shores

Photos from Greenwood Conservation Area and Lynde Shores in Ajax-Pickering and Whitby in 2003-2005.

The Cameras

My new camera, starting in March 2006. Excellent 10.3 MegaPixel resolution, but even at reduced size, photos still often a monsterous 1 meg.

My camera: Sony CD-1000

Info on my digital camera. This is a good camera and I am really happy with it, despite the high cost when it came out. The use of mini-CDR as the media to save the photos is really good and saves me a lot, as I take a huge number of photos, 15,000 or so per year. Received early retirement in March 2006, still great camera.

My new camera: Canon A75

I bought this camera as a smaller pocket camera and have mostly been happy with it. Gotten some quite good shots with good colour, but sometimes too fuzzy. I have to use this camera more to learn how to use it better for clearer photos.

Older Travel Photographs

Japan: Shikoku, 2J4 Tour

From 2004 Asia Tour.
A quick week in Shikoku Japan , off to Hong Kong for a few days and then visit with friends in Shanghai and Beijing . Nothing too adventurous this time.

Hong Kong: 2H4 Tour

China: 2C4 Tour

Japan: Hokkaido, 2J3 Tour

Photos from Japan tour 2003.
The three links of the left are all to the same web site. I am using which is really quite good and easy to load pictures to.

Japan: Tohoku, 2J3 Tour

Japan: Tokyo & Nagoya, 2J3 Tour

Netherlands: 2N1 Tour

Dutch trip in 2001.

Hong Kong: 2K1 Tour

Photos from my sickness shortened trip in 2001.

China: 2K1 Tour

Please enjoy the photos of trip to China in 2001.

Singapore: 2K1 Tour

Photos from Singapore trip in 2001.

Taipei: 2K1 Tour

Only a very short tour....Taipei-in-a-day. I was in `transit' during a major typhoon.

Japan: Y2J Tour

The year 2000 sequel trip.

Japan: 9T8 Tour

The fun stuff and plenty of photos from 1998.

By Richard Farmer.

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